Summer 2017


Storyboard Assignment List

Week Topic Outline Downloads
Week 1 Course Introduction, Supplies needed, Grading Procedures, Attendance Policy
Lecture: Intro to camera shots, movement
First Assignment: Reverse Shot List
Reverse Shot Form
Basic Shot List
Week 2 Reverse Shot List Due
Lecture: Anatomy of Storyboard
Labeling, pans, trucks, Rule of Thirds.
Lecture PDF
Storyboard Template
Camera Directions
Week 3 Time sequences due
Lecture: Reading Scripts>br> Mid Term: Storyboarding to a Script
Lecture PDF
Scripts ZIP
Week 4 Critique on progress of Storyboards so far
One on one/questions
Open Lab
Week 5 Mid Term Due
Lecture: Script Writing
Write a 5-7-page script using the INDUSTRY STANDARD SCRIPT FORMAT.
Lecture PDF
Script Template
Script Format Basics
Tesdiot Script Guide
Character Worksheet
Week 6 Script Draft Due (Will not be graded)
Character concepts for Script Assignment Due (will be graded)
Week 7 Script is due
Lecture: Animatic
Final: Animatic
Lecture PDF
Week 8 Show Progress on Final
Open Lab
Week 9 Show Progress on Final
Open Lab
Week 10 Show Progress on Final
Open Lab
Week 11 Final Assignment due NONE